In a former life (mine, co-incidentally) I designed as Flying Solo. For 18 years, until I decided that was enough of that, and took a few months off to ‘recharge my batteries.’

So. New city (Perth), new name (the business, not me), new logo design and if we’re both very patient, new website. Yes, this one. (Hey, it’s a start, don’t knock it).

To have a wee chat, call 01738 563255 or email me

Website design in Scotland. Sort of.

I live in Scotland (I haven't always), work in Scotland (I haven’t always), and get involved with logotype & branding, print and web design projects for clients in Scotland (but not always).

In recent times, I’ve also designed stuff for clients based in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Romania, the UAE and the USA. Oh, and England. The latter is the only one where I occasionally run into language difficulties (just kidding).

In any case, if you’re confident we can communicate sans frontieres (or sans corners if you’re a bit more local), and you’ve got a project in mind, get in touch. We’ll need to speak first, so please call me on 01738 563255 or email me

Come on then. I’ve not got all day.

Some recent design projects.

Every site I build these days is ‘responsive,’ which simply means it’s optimised for display on tablets, smartphones and probably, I think, washing machines. Okay, I may be lying about the last one.

I would probably also mention, if modesty didn’t forbid, that every website I build looks fabulous and works superbly. (Oops). My clients seem to agree, and say nice things about them.

Anyway, once you’ve viewed (or rinsed) these on the device of your choice, you may feel an overwhelming desire to give me money. Don’t fight it, I can help.

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