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I’m happy to chat about potential projects. Questions on cost or timescales are difficult to answer accurately on first contact, but I can often offer a ‘ballpark’ figure or refer you to similar projects with an indication of cost.

Call me : +44 (0)1738 563255

A visitor. Excellent.

I’m Scottish web designer Miles A. Cruickshank.

I make things. Mostly I create logos and design & build websites, but for many clients I get involved in other stuff too.

Never been able to wrap presents though. Just goes to show, you can’t be good at everything.

I’m in Scotland. You don’t have to be.

In the past decade, I’ve worked on design projects for clients throughout the UK plus Luxembourg, Switzerland, Romania, the UAE and the US. If we’re on the same wavelength, communication is never a problem.

‘Design’ as I define it’s not just about making things look good. It’s part of a bigger picture. So I invest a lot of time and effort in telling your stories, selling your products, explaining your services, putting bums on your seats – whatever the brief requires.

Recent Web Projects.

Current Design Projects.

Things I’m making just now :

It’s getting busy round these parts. Current projects include a new site design for the manufacturer of the world’s best (and most expensive) loudspeaker system, branding for a new liquid fertiliser product and a website for a family-owned plumbing & heating company.

I also have a number of web design ‘makeovers’ on the go, with sites for a community centre, a fine foods wholesaler and a specialist in the art of smoking fish.

We wanted to elevate our brand to a higher level and Miles seemed to instinctively know what we needed to do.

Lynn Scott,
Director, Definitive Audio/ Living Voice

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