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Slate Mosaic

Logo and website for craftsman Arra Fletcher’s artisan slate fireplaces.

Scope of work

Identity & branding/ Website design & build/ Print collateral.

Based in the West of Scotland, Slate Mosaic create bespoke slate fireplaces which combine traditional craftsmanship with modern construction techniques and offer the option of contemporary features such as concealed LED lighting.

Slate Mosaic website

project screengrab
project screengrab
project screengrab
project screengrab

When we started our search for a web developer we didn’t know who we were looking for, but when we found Miles we knew he was it. We found Miles through his own website which, when you read most of it, gives you a very clear impression of the type of person he is, particularly his sense of humour.

Getting to know him by telephone, though, made us recognise the extent of his expertise and skill. Miles is the kind of professional who will tell you what he can do, will do, won’t do and can’t do. There is no ambiguity or grey area: he is very good on clarity, confirmation, communication, creativity and technical expertise.

For our unique product — hand-made slate fireplaces — we needed a unique, fitting brand and Miles certainly came up with the goods, producing an image whose font, shape, proportions and colouring offer a lovely blend of the modern and the ‘earthy’ we were looking for. The website he made for us is stunning — again, the product of his technical expertise and creative flair, his instructions to us about how to write content, and his understanding about what we wanted.

We have ambitions for two further websites and there’s nobody else we would go to for this kind of work.

Barbara van der Muelen,
Slate Mosaic



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